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Admed Adhesive Remover

Admed Adhesive Remover
Brand: Mehron
Product Code: 355R
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: AU$14.95

AdMed Adhesive Remover was developed by Mehron to easily remove cosmetic glue after a performance. Clowns love the ease at which they can remove their noses quickly and cleanly without damaging their skin. Although AdMed Adhesive Remover is a special formula developed to break down and remove cosmetic glues for theatrical performers.Every home should have a bottle in their medicine cabinet. AdMed Adhesive Remover easily removes medical adhesive residue from the skin left by bandages and medical tape. Easily remove band-aids from children without the 'OUCH'. AdMed Adhesive Remover is so easy to use, just apply it to the glued area, rub gently and watch the residue disappear without damaging or hurting the skin. Medical Professionals keep a bottle of AdMed Adhesive Remover for gentle patient treatment.  4.5 oz (approx 133ml)

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